Green Health & Wellness Cannabis Treatment Center was established to provide patients with quality and compassionate care. Based in Gainesville, Florida, we are a medical marijuana treatment center dedicated to helping qualified individuals obtain their Florida medical marijuana card.

Our licensed physicians provide recommendations for patients who are seeking to treat their qualifying diagnosis with medical marijuana.  We have successfully assisted hundreds of patients navigate the process of obtaining their medical marijuana cards, and this experience allows us to ensure a simple and efficient process for our patients.

Green Health & Wellness Cannabis Treatment Center believes that every patient has the right to seek alternative options in the management of chronic disease. We provide guidance on and access to medical marijuana when it is an appropriate next step to alleviate physical and mental health symptoms and improve overall wellbeing, function, and quality of life. Our team is comprised of board certified physicians and knowledgeable professional staff.

We know that patients who have made the decision to try medical cannabis as an alternative form of treatment of pain or other symptoms will naturally have many questions. Green Health & Wellness is dedicated to providing patients with answers and information as well as ensuring the experience is simple and efficient.

Once you have scheduled your appointment and downloaded and completed the required forms, we will send you the details of your first visit promptly. When you arrive, our knowledgeable staff will greet you and ensure that all your paperwork has been properly completed. We reserve this time specifically for you and provide a private orientation session at our cannabis center.